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Why Slow?

Why do we launch products via pre-order you may ask, well it is quite simple. Because we believe the 'slow movement' is where it is at in terms of sustainability when it comes to shopping. It means that only what is wanted is ordered and made, which in turn means there is no wastage! In a world of fast fashion and sweat shops, toxic materials and factory run off, we believe it is VITAL for businesses to go eco and make the effort to do all they can to be more environmentally friendly. As such, we take great pride in ensuring we are constantly levelling up and doing our best to find more eco solutions, so that both our collective and Mother Earth are happy :)

It means alot to see so many people understanding and jumping onboard the slow movement. Knowing it will take longer, but ultimately the product you are getting is top quality, sustainably made and not hurting the environment in the process.

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