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Sun Love

Do you remember being a little kid, running around in the sunshine, absolutely covered in sticky watermelon juice, feeling like the joy will never end. The endless summer. I'm not sure if kids these days get quite the same experience, everywhere I turn I see kids wrapped from head to toe in sun protective gear and layered with thick white cancer council sun-cream, being called back every 30 minutes for reapplication. People have been sold the story that the sun will kill them. The irony is that it will most likely be the toxic sun-cream or lack of Vitamin D that will do more damage, but hey, everyone has their own wellness/ information journey to take. I am not saying lay in the mid day sun for hours on end till you turn into a leather crisp, but certainly we need to get back to honouring the divinity of the sun and its healing powers. Vitamin D from the sun is linked to keeping the body healthy and immunity against many diseases strong. Sun gazing is also something that awakens the inner mystic and raises ones own energy vibration, of course this must be done properly and in a very limited window of time right as the sun is rising. The bees are one beautiful being that is intrinsically linked to the divinity of the sun, we have so much to learn from the bees however this is for another post!My point is though that we would all benefit greatly from deepening both our understanding and our connection to the sun xx


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