Shadow on Concrete Wall

Hello, I am Sasha, the founder of Divine Sun.


In a nutshell... I was born in Czechoslovakia where I spent my childhood in the forest. After escaping communism, my family and I spent two years in refugee camp, where again, my saving grace was the wild forest of Austria. Till finally we arrived on the sunny east coast of Australia and have been here ever since.


My blood runs back to the gypsies and healers of the Far North Eastern wilderness, women that danced to their own drum, were in tune with earths medicine and ran with the wolves. It's the wild within us that keeps us sane as humans today. I'm here to help you reconnect.


Divine Sun Co is all about the slow movement, getting back to our roots, delving into the delicious realms of nourishing self care and caring for our world. We stand for kindness and compassion, while also fiercely standing up for our truth, and those whom are silenced.

Our Eco yoga mats are limited edition signature series, featuring stunning art work hand designed by world renowned artists Annie Tarasova of DreamyMoons, Marissa Quinn, and

Jess Lambert. These collaborations have been a dream come true and we are so excited to bring you such divine collectors pieces.


There is no doubt that we humans are expressions of the Divine, and as such we are intrinsically linked to Mother Nature. Somewhere along the way our society lost touch with that. Today more than ever, there is a strong need to reconnect to ancient wisdom and ground into the earth. Every tree, river, mountain, animal has something to tell us, they are our guides. It is my honour to do this work to not only bring you back into deeper harmony with the Earth but also within yourself.


As Einstein said, absolutely everything is about energy frequency, so together with integrated therapies I work with you on an energetic level, unlocking your optimal state, allowing you to finally break those boundaries and live a full and vibrant life.


I am a passionate believer in balance, not pushing strict diet or quick fix methods. This life is to be lived and unfolds as it should, both the good and the not so good. It's an ongoing journey, just as important to sit with your darkness as it is to embody and shine your light.


Thank you for being a part of the Divine Sun Collective, it is together that we rise. And remember- You are divine, Sunshine xx