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Just Breathe

And.... releassssssse....

For the majority of humans, we go about our days not breathing right. Breath is something that just happens, one could say it is something we take for granted. But imagine if we just stopped breathing. Once upon a time breath was synonymous with how deeply one lived. It was a mindful practice, one that was honoured both in intentional meditations and in daily living. The deeper and cleaner you breath, the deeper your connection to within and to the divine. Like wise, shallow breathing equates to rather shallow living. So, without putting on the guilt trip, lets remedy the shallow and become more attune with mindfulness of breath. Begin by making it a habit to ask yourself how is your breathing, maybe take moments throughout your day (set reminders if you need to!) Sit (or stand, whatever) and tune in to your in breath, make it clear, through the nose, closed mouth, and make it intentional, feel that breath nourishing your lungs and giving you energy, if you have more time up your sleeve, then by all means imagine the breath in is golden light, a connection to divine source, sunshine itself, feel it warm you and create a space of healing. Like wise with each breath out envision what no longer serves is also leaving the body, thank the breath for its life giving quality and for the release and let it go. Interestingly it is on the out breath that most people stagger and don't actually breathe out allllll the way, meaning that there is always that little bit of stale air that recycles over and over, you don't want that. The out breath is just as important, so focus on really exhaling every last bit till your lungs are nice and empty and ready for a pure fresh inhale. As often as you can get yourself into natural spaces, be it by the ocean or into a forest, even getting some lovely plants to fill your space, burning a bees wax candle, all these things will help create a healthy breathing habit and optimise the way you use your breath, as well as the way you dive deeper into life xx

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