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We currently ship through Aus Post. On our end, the moment you place an order the turn around time before it is shipped is no longer than 48 hours, however, please understand we have no control of the shipping time itself, and given the state of the world we have been advised that some places may take longer to arrive to. We thank you for your understanding, and would also like to remind you to please include your email/mobile on your order information.


Please note, as a small business we are across the board on every detail, so we can assure that we are sending out only top quality products. As such we do not accept returns. Thank you.



Being that time is precious, please be on time to each session. Lateness will cut into session time. If you need to cancel/rebook please do so as early as possible, any cancellations within 24 hours of appointment will be charged in full, unless of course there is an honest emergency.