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In a nutshell= We will be walking through nature and having tea whilst delving into the depths of what is ultimately your inherent inner wisdom. Nature (instead of a consultation room) being the key element here (in Japan the beautiful and very popular wellbeing practice of forest bathing is know as Shinrin yoku) Magic happens in the profound simplicity of being immersed in nature, and it is an absolute joy to do this work.


Being holistic we look at every facet including diet choices and how to easily switch things around if need be. No fuss, no complications. I'm here to help you take stress and drama out of the equation. Life doesn't need to be so hard.


You will feel comfortable, safe, and can rest assured knowing you are in a non judgemental and completely confidential space.


These are 1 to 1 sessions either in person or via zoom.

If you wish to hold a circle of friends, couples or group work I can facilitate this also.

It is an honour to do this work and I look forward to walking with you on yourpath xx


- These sessions may include Healy healing if you wish (bioresonance technology) 

- If you are wanting to book in purely for a Healy session these are available for $50hr



*HEALY- If you are wanting to purchase your own incredible Healy, get in touch with me and I will organise this for you and answer any questions you may have ( I can safely say it is absolutely life changing) 



Integrated Nature Therapy Sessions

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