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Integrating ancient wisdom, cutting edge research & reconnecting with land to balance mind, body, soul for optimal health & wellbeing. 

Same as you go to a personal trainer to help you utilise the gym in the best way to get your body fit & healthy, holding you accountable as you go, so too would you go to a holistic health life coach to guide you to live your best life. I am passionate about using all the holistic health tools that I have acquired over two decades within this space, to help you seek out root cause, clear any blocks you may have (both energetic & mental) & ultimately be that guiding force to help you achieve your health & wellbeing goals. If you can imagine it, you can live it. That first step, just outside your comfort zone, is where the magic happens & I am so excited to work with you! See you there. 

Sessions will be available in person on the Northern Beaches Sydney.   

Limited spots available Thur/Fri & weekends by appointment.

Detailed offerings, times/dates to be released here shortly.

Please DM @sashkahealth for enquiries  

Integrated Therapy Sessions

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