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Your session in a nutshell= We will be walking through nature and having tea whilst delving into the depths of what is ultimately your inherent inner wisdom. Nature (instead of a consultation room) being the key element here (in Japan the beautiful and very popular wellbeing practice of forest bathing is know as Shinrin yoku) Magic happens in the profound simplicity of being immersed in nature, and it is an absolute joy to do this work. I am here to hear your story, guide your journey and lovingly hold you accountable. Your time is now.


Being holistic we can look at every facet you wish including diet choices and how to easily switch things around if need be. No fuss, no complications. I'm here to help you take stress out of the equation. Life doesn't need to be so hard. 


You will feel comfortable, safe, and can rest assured knowing you are in a non judgemental and completely confidential space. I use a combination of therapies along with art therapy tools, always intuited to your needs. Your words can say much but your energy is louder (as is what comes through onto the page) and I have a way of deciphering through the white noise and getting to the real stuff, so even when your old patterning defences are surfacing and clinging on for dear life in unhealthy habits shrouded in bs, I will see it, call it, and help you shift it. That's what it's all about. That's where it's at. It's real and it's raw. I see YOU and hold space for YOU, every aspect of you, with unwavering presence and love. 

Invest in yourself and send me a message today to book a time. Take that first step xx


These are 1 to 1 sessions either in person (or via zoom if you are not in Sydney)

It is an honour to do this work, to be trusted with your light and shadow stories. Always so amazed at the incredible capabilities humans have that they so often don't even know about! 

I look forward to walking with you on your path xx


- These sessions may include Healy healing if you wish (bioresonance technology) 

- If you are wanting to book in purely for a Healy session these are available for $50hr


* Price is in AU $



*HEALY- If you are wanting to purchase your own incredible Healy, get in touch with me and I will organise this for you and answer any questions you may have. I can safely say it is absolutely life changing. I have lived with endometriosis for 20 years, at times having such debilitating cramps it was near impossible to move. Then I found Healy, and if I hadn't tried it myself I would not believe it worked like it does.. no more endo cramps, yes, you read it right, no more endo cramps!!!!! total game changer. I acknowledge everybody is different and this is just my story, but my gosh if Healy can help other women experiencing the same horrific pain then it needs to be shared and talked about and tried. Best investment I ever made. 

It has many other incredible programs, from balancing sleep, de-stress, study brain boost, to pin pointed pain management, it even has chakra balancing programs on it and my favourite EMF protection. In my opion, every human would benefit from having a Healy.



Integrated Nature Therapy Sessions

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