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Your Serpentine Dream mat is made of eco rubber woven with organic jute. They are completely non toxic and are adorned with soulful artwork by angel Annie of Dreamy Moons.

Supportive and comfy and yet light enough to easily travel/adventure with, this is the ultimate outdoor nature mat, enduring rain, waterfalls, ocean, rocks, whatever your adventure may bring, so hot yoga is a definite go. 


Your affirmation cards come in a deck of 21, each card has been channeled through to highlight a divine healing energy to shed what no longer serves, shine a light on what is coming up for you, and to encourage you to give yourself permission to step into your unique abundance.


May your mat become your sacred space upon which you find stillness and depth, and may your affirmation cards be potent tools for discovery and healing. 


Please Note: This is a total clearance sale, once all mats are sold there will be no more.

DREAMY MOONS 'Serpentine Dream' Eco Mat + 21 Cards

$156.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
  • When you first get your mat give it a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. Jute is naturally antibcterial, but if you wish you can use a natural spray, and when possible give it some air time in the sunshine.

    (We have ours rolled out ALL the time in the living room so it also acts as a beautiful sort of rug!) 

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